Our Products

Wexler Surgical MICS Instruments

Wexler Surgical is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality specialty surgical instrumentation for use in cardiac, thoracic, vascular, micro, neuro and ophthalmic surgery.

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HaemoCer™ Absorbable Polysaccharide Haemostat (APH)

HaemoCer™ Absorbable Polysaccharide Haemostat (APH) is a plant based medical device, and is available in 2, 3, and 5 gram variants.

A 44 cm long Universal Applicator is available separately to use with any of the size variants.

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ULTRAVISION CT™ - Cardiothoracic Solutions

The TSI portfolio of cardiothoracic surgical access products provide unparalleled access and visualization for minimally invasive cardiac and thoracic procedures.

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Vascular Graft Solutions (VGS) VEST

VEST Venous External Support is a kink resistant cobalt chrome external support which targets the underlying mechanism of vein graft disease: disturbed flow pattern and high wall tension. 

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